Hearing & Speech

Hearing Aids

Audiogram testing is done on site to accurately establish the degree of hearing loss and difficulty. Our experienced audiologists can help the hard of hearing hear better by using the most technological hearing aids from the best international brands. We offer ultra modern hearing aids that are so small that they can be worn undetected, whilst enabling clear reception of sound. Below are the hearing aid styles we offer.

If I have a hearing loss in both ears, do I need to wear two hearing aids?
We recommend wearing two hearing aids for people who have hearing loss in both ears. This is called a binaural fitting. Two hearing instruments help to improve hearing in noise, localize sound, and improve clarity and sound quality.

Why is it important for children with hearing loss to wear hearing aids?
It is crucial for children to wear a hearing aid at an early age to ensure that they develop their speech correctly and learn how to listen with a hearing aid. It is also important for children planning to undergo cochlear implant to wear a hearing aid at least 6 months prior to the implant to ascertain implant candidacy and to ensure efficient adaptation to the implant. The pediatric hearing aid department is equipped with up to date technology that is modified in a fun way to ensure that the hearing test is an amusing experience for the children rather than the conventional intimidating experience. This ensures that the test is done in a short time while the child is playing with the audiologist.

FM Systems

Delmon Hearing Aid center provides FM systems for people with hearing loss who want to improve their communication as well as speech intelligibility in noise. FM systems are specifically designed to pick up sound waves from the transmitter (speaker) and transmit it clearly and directly to the hearing aid. FM systems can be used in meetings, classrooms, and for other noisy places where sound cannot reach the audience clearly. They are also recommended for autistic children and those with attention deficiency disorders.

Ear Protection for Factory Workers

Hearing loss for a worker can be caused by various factors but the most common factor is long exposure to noise in the workplace. Hearing loss caused by noise is the most common chronic occupational illness at the moment and normally appears at the end of one’s working life. The consequences are irreversible and little can be done to recover the lost hearing.

On the other hand, in order to prevent such damage, Delmon Hearing Aid Center offers a variety of products that offer ear protection. These include ear muffs and ear plugs. Each ear protection product is designed to suit a specific type of workplace environment.

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Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Unit

The Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation unit assists in accepting the hearing aid and rehabilitating them in terms of how to wear the hearing aid, how to maintain it, and how to keep it clean. Hearing loss is usually accompanied with speech problems; the specialist demonstrates the correct articulation and pronunciation along with breathing exercises.
Speech therapy is provided for children and adults with speech difficulties such as stuttering and rehabilitation after cochlear implantation. Speech therapy is also provided for autistic children, children with learning difficulties, attention deficit disorders, or minor mental disabilities.