Low Vision Aid Devices

PowerMag Handheld Magnifier

The Optelec PowerMag+ hand magnifier is small and light enough to be carried around and to be used both in- and outside the home. The high-quality, lightweight and scratch-resistant magnifying lens ensures a sharply defined image, while the integrated lighting provides evenly dispensed clear white light for high contrast and high brightness in every environment. With low energy consumption and long-lasting battery life, the Optelec PowerMag+ magnifiers are designed for many years extensive use without having to replace the battery or the light bulb.

Compact Mini

Imagine reading small print magnified by the ultra-slim Compact mini. Simply position the Compact mini over reading material, view the magnified image and change the appearance of text colors according to your preferences. Holding the Compact mini for the first time will surprise many – the weight (only 134 grams) makes it the most convenient pocket magnifier that offers a 3.5-inch screen.

Compact 7HD

Imagine using a high definition magnifier providing more overview and more words per line combined with the best available image quality. The Compact 7 HD integrates the largest screen available in the Optelec Compact product family; still it is small and portable. With an adjustable magnification starting from 2 times, the Compact 7 HD allows you to see the smallest details of photos or objects on the ergonomically positioned, high brightness 7-inch widescreen.

Clear View C24 HD Speech

The new Optelec ClearView C Speech is a unique desktop video magnifier that is designed to improve your reading experience. Select your preferred reading voice and sit back, relax, and listen to documents as they are read aloud. Combining a clear voice with magnification or high contrast makes reading so much easier.

Clear View C24 HD

The new Optelec ClearView C is a modern desktop video magnifier that is designed to improve your reading experience. The unique design provides you with more working space and helps you to read your favourite newspaper, enjoy craftwork or write a cheque without being restricted in movement.

Clear View C flex 24 HD

The new Optelec ClearView C Flex is a unique desktop video magnifier that improves your reading experience. The space saving design provides you with more working space to read and write without being restricted in movement.

Clear Reader+

Rediscover the joy of reading anytime and anywhere. Within a few seconds, the ClearReader+ scans any magazine articles and reads them to you in naturally sounding voices.The  ClearReader+ is designed for simplicity. Its buttons are easy to operate and have distinctive shapes. This helps you to control the integrated state-of-the-art technology without any effort.

ALVA 640 Comfort

The Optelec ALVA 640 Comfort is the latest addition to the Optelec Braille display family. It offers a Braille keyboard, an internal notepad function and Bluetooth® wireless technology to convert text from your PC, tablet or phone into a seamless line of 40 Braille characters.

Clear Note

Connected to any computer, the ClearNote provides you with magnified, high contrast live image of documents, presentation
handouts, white boards or other relevant information around you. To save important information for later reference, the ClearNote allows you to effortlessly capture an unlimited number of screenshots and to store these on your computer.

Multi view HD

The MultiView HD is the new version of the Optelec MultiView video magnifier. To help you to see more, this new MultiView HD offers two models: one with a large 22-inch monitor and one with an even larger 24-inch monitor. Both models are lighter, smarter and offer better images than before thanks to the new High Definition camera.