About Us


Delmon Optic & Hearing Aid center is a family run establishment that was found in 1976.  It offers comprehensive services that treat and aid patients’ abilities to hear and see. Eye testing, cosmetic & corrective contact lenses and prescription spectacles are some of the basic services the center provides; it also offers color blind, lazy eye and low vision aid products and therapies. Hearing evaluation tests are also conducted at the center where patients can be fitted with all types of advanced custom digital hearing aids with custom ear moulds.


To aid the general public’s needs in optical, hearing, and other services through education and best quality service.


To be the region’s number one optic and hearing aid clinic and to project success as a whole group in terms of market share and profit.


Delmon Optic offers its services to all demographic sectors. It is a place for everyone to find what is suitable for his/her needs.

Optical Services

  • Eye testing
  • Optical frames
  • Sunglasses
  • Power and cosmetic contact lenses
  • Low Vision aids
  • Artificial Eye
  • Braille products
  • IOL lenses
  • Safety spectacles
  • Reading glasses

Hearing Aid & Speech Services

  • Hearing evaluation tests
  • Ear moulds for hearing aids
  • Water and noise protection ear moulds
  • Fitting digital hearing aids
  • Repairing all types of hearing aids
  • Home visits for the elderly
  • Making Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC) hearing aids
  • Programming digital hearing aids
  • Tinnitus management
  • Speech therapy