Eye testing

Frequent eye checks are important for everyone.  Delmon Optic & Hearing Aid has experienced caliber of optometrists who provide eye testing for children as well as adults in a professional manner.

Optical frames

When optical frames are needed, Delmon’s team of optometrists and optical salespeople are well equipped with the knowledge and skills to direct the client towards the best choice of frames in regards to the face shape, budget, and color.  The customer is also assisted in choosing the suitable lens which is then fixed on the selected frame in Delmon’s technologically advanced workshop.


Delmon Optic offers a variety of fashionable and branded sunglasses which are targeted towards caring for your vision.  UV protection and polarization are always recommended in our climate.  International genuine brands of sunglasses are available in all branches and are suitable for all budgets.


Delmon Optic provides many brands of lenses in its advanced workshop.  Some international brands of lenses used are Kodak, Hoya, and Zeiss.  Single vision, bifocal, and progressive lenses are provided with features that are suitable for all requirements.  Fog resistant lenses, tinted lenses, digital lenses, and other features are also available upon request.

Contact Lenses

When a customer chooses to wear contact lenses (whether prescription or cosmetic colored), Delmon Optic’s optometrists provide the customer with a quick training of how to wear and take care of the contact lenses.  Not knowing how to care for the contact lens could lead to severe eye problems that may affect the cornea.  Optometrists are ready to offer this service to customers in all branches.

Reading Spectacles

When you reach the point of not being able to read up close, you may need to wear single vision reading spectacles.  We offer two main styles: full frames, in which the entire lens is made in the reading prescription and half-eyes.  Half-eye reading glasses allow you to look down and through the lenses for near work, and up and over them to see in the distance.  We recommend using bifocal or no-line progressive lenses if you need them for distance as well as near correction.

Safety Spectacles

Delmon offers prescription and plano safety spectacles that are engineered specifically for industrial safety applications.  The products offered are from reputable international brands such as Titmus and Medop.   These products follow high standards, perform to ANSI specifications, and are fashionably designed.  The spectacles protect the eyes from accidents, flying objects, and poisonous rays and chemicals.