Patient Testimonials

I was suffering from amblyopia in my right eye and I had heard about Dr. Mohammed Hassan’s clinic for lazy eye. I came to see him and he gave me 3 programs to follow. In the beginning of this, my vision was 18/6. I used his programs continuously on a weekly basis with 2 days of rest. After almost 2 months, I noticed that the blurriness was fading from my vision. My vision clearly improved and has reached to 12/6 then 9/6. My night vision improved as well. I found the programs to be highly effective for my treatment.
– Hussain Jameel (12-11-2015)

Thanks to your efforts and guidance to my son Ghanem, he began to see the three-dimensional movies. After the first ten home sessions, we noticed a significant improvement in the performance of the lazy eye and continued development after an additional ten. People do not thank God, do not thank him ,, and I extend my gratitude to the sire Almighty for this blessing and thanks go to Professor Dr. Mohammed Hassan Khalaf and Ms. charm and professor Satyam for their efforts and follow-up

With sincere thanks and appreciation Abdulrahman Mohammed

The patient’s father, Abdul Rahman Ghanem 15/12/2014 AD

I started noticing symptoms at the age of 26 where it started to deteriorate.  I discovered that I had a lazy right eye and some weakness in my left.  Delmon Optical Center and after I use the program for a year recovered in the eye left complete recovery and Praise God and now I am training on the right eye , and I notice the evolution of the will of God I thank God first and then Dr. Mohammed Hassan Khalaf and the crew found in treatment for their eye I went from the tips and services for laziness

I wish you the best and thanks for your efforts

Motea Al Qahtani

Praise be to God, thank you very much, good and blessed

As for after

Bilal Abdullah is a twenty-year-old young man who graduated from secondary school with a very good grade. He is full of hope for admission to the university and getting a job. He begins the journey of life. Thank God he was accepted into one of the colleges and started the stage of study until one day he woke up feeling a slight pain in the left eye. But he didn’t care about it, maybe it’s a temporary purpose and it will go away

The pain continued for a few days until he was presented to a consultant with this situation, so he advised him to visit an ophthalmologist to ensure the safety of the eye, as within only two weeks his vision began to weaken rapidly.

A private hospital was visited and his vision was measured, and he was surprised that his myopia is 6-16, and this is reprehensible and unacceptable. He was referred to an ophthalmologist, and he said that Bilal suffers from a chronic disease and has no cure.

We left the doctor’s office while we were preoccupied. We visited another hospital, but a government one, and the same results appeared. We visited the largest private hospital in Saudi Arabia, but unfortunately we did not find a solution or an answer.

They said that there is no treatment for her illness while studying, whether in Saudi Arabia or abroad. All means were cut off and people lost hope, as Bilal could not complete his studies due to lack of clear vision, and the situation became worse for the worse.

One day, after almost two months had passed since Bilal’s state of distress and the failure to find a solution to his illness, he was accepted for a job, and when he was examined for vision, he was rejected for poor vision, and his condition was suspended until the case of vision was completed, and the search for study or a job became like searching for a needle in a haystack

During this period, a relative of ours was visited at home, and through conversation and discussions, we started talking about Bilal’s situation and that his psychological condition began to get tired even with the people closest to him. We told him laziness of the eye, and the ophthalmologists told us that since Bilal is over eighteen years of age, there is no definitive treatment for him.

He said that he heard by chance a person with him at work suffering from the same problem and that he was being treated in the Kingdom of Bahrain with a doctor who specializes in lazy eye, but he did not clarify whether he was treated or improved, but we asked him to bring the doctor’s number to communicate with him and find out if it is possible to review Bilal’s report and hopefully There will be hope

Indeed, a call was made and an appointment was made for an eye examination. We met the doctor and explained to us his treatment method

And it takes time to show the effect of treatment on the eye through programs that are installed on the computer, as well as some applications on the iPad, as well as some 3D movies.

All of which work while following the exercise and watching some clips to stimulate the eye to move

And he was given a contact lens for a year, to be a help in the eye, so that he can see again

Praise be to God, thanks to God, and thanks to Dr. Mohamed Hassan, we regained some hope, even if it was in the long run. We were given an appointment after two months, and an integrated program was put in place, and a daily and weekly exercise schedule. Extracting applications and programs loaded on the computer and iPad

And through practice, Bilal started talking about an improvement in his eye, and that he began to see shapes and movements of people in front of him, and after our visit to the doctor again

He was examined again, and the results showed that he really started to improve, and that the eye was responding gradually, thank God

The lens was changed and we were given another appointment after two months, and here we go to the doctor for a third time to find the impressive results. It has been definitively proven that computer programs, the iPad, 3D, and some loaded entertainment applications gave him a great stimulus to reach six meters, thank God.

We have found with Dr. Muhammad Hassan what we did not find in the largest therapeutic edifices in the Kingdom, so praise be to God and thanks be to Him, and may God reward Dr. Muhammad Hassan Khalaf for all the reward.

The patient, Bilal Abdullah, Saudi Arabia

After I lost hope in treatment, and the words of most of the hospitals I visited in the Sultanate of Oman were not to think about the eye and to focus only on the healthy eye.

It caused me a kind of sadness and thinking. I was always searching for ways of treatment. I was always searching on the internet. Is there anything new? To Bahrain, I contacted the center and sent my medical reports. Praise be to God. There was a quick response from the patients at the center. I waited for a year, after which I came to Bahrain on 9-5-2016. computing device. And the method of examination, the doctor felt really optimistic after I lost hope, as the Prophet, peace be upon him, said:

 (For every disease there is a cure except old age) The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, believed

Generosity and generosity were the titles of both the staff and the doctor at the center. In the end, I ask God Almighty to reward the doctor and all the staff with the best reward.

The patient, Suad Al-Atashi

Sultanate of Oman/ Muscat